HORDE: Information for CLIC#43

Information for CLIC#43

CLIC is CLuster In Conservation, a set of multi-species conserved gene arrays.

Using a novel algorithm, we identified 48 multi-species CLICs containing more than 90% of the mammalian olfactory receptor genes.

Additional details can be found at:

Ancient Genomic Architecture for Mammalian Olfactory Receptor Clusters

Ronny Aloni, Tsviya Olender and Doron Lancet

Genome Biology, 2006 Oct 1;7(10):R88

CLIC#43 composed of the following clusters*:

Human Mouse Rat Dog Opossum
- chr8@84.5 chr19@23.2 - -
* Clusters were selected with a maximal intergenic distance of 300kb,different than the 100kb used in HORDE

OR members in cluster chr8@84.5

Or7c19 chr8 85,230,497 85,231,432 +

OR members in cluster chr19@23.2

Or7c19 chr19 27,534,857 27,535,792 -

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