Function Genomics Analysis with Bioconductor

Rory Stark & Federico Giorgi

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Nov 22-24, 9:00-16:30

Botnar (Nov 22) & Lopatie (Nov 23-24)

Day 1:

  1. AM: Introduction to functional genomics (RS)
  2. AM: Experimental design (RS)
  3. PM: Experimental platforms: microarrays and high-thoughput sequencing (FG/RS)
  4. PM: Accessing and manipulating genomic data and annotations in Bioconductor (FG/RS)

Day 2:

  1. AM: RNA-seq analysis in Bioconductor Ib (FG)
  2. AM: RNA-seq practical I (FG)
  3. AM: RNA-seq analysis II (FG)
  4. PM: RNA-seq Practical II (FG)
  5. PM: RNA-seq analysis III (annotation + downstream) (FG)
  6. PM: Advanced RNA-seq analysis multi factor designs (if time) (FG)

Day 3:

  1. AM: ChIP-seq analysis (RS)
  2. AM: ChIP-seq practical (RS)
  3. AM: Advanced ChIP-seq: differential binding analysis (RS)
  4. PM: Differential binding analysis practical (RS)
  5. PM: Introduction to network analysis (FG)




The bioconductor course is sponsored by the Azrieli Institute for System Biology