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Shmuel Pietrokovski
phone ##1 972 (8) 934 2747
FAX   ##1 972 (8) 934 4108
e-mail shmuel.pietrokovski@weizmann.ac.il
I am an associate professor in the Molecular Genetics department at the The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot Israel.

My main area of research is experimental and computational research of the intein super-family, the HINT domains. To this end we use advanced sequence analysis and bioinformatics tools, such as the CYRCA and SARIG methods we developed ourselves.
Our work also involves developing tools to use and maintain the Blocks Database.

More information can be found in the links below, and in the publications of my group.

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Protein splicing motifs inteins integration points sequence logo Inteins integration points

Inteins (US mirror)

June 2004, Text and data updated - 216 known inteins!

HINT super-family

HINT auto-proteolytic protein domains

The Hedgehog/Intein super-family of self-splicing and auto-proteolytic domains.

LAMA - comparing multiple alignments with each other

sequence analysis methods

An introduction to making and using protein multiple alignments

SARIG method

SARIG protein structure analysis server

A new method to identify functional residues from protein structures, including active site residues and ligand binding sites.
superposition of TIM-barrel structures

CYRCA analysis of block alignments

Multiple alignment and clustering of block alignments.